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Blamich is a small Border Terrier kennel located in the Free State, South Africa, with local and imported bloodlines, all of whom is first and foremost family pets.

Blamich's pride and joy, Merlin our main stud MERLIN (Mystic Magic)
Born 12 Oktober 2006
Twelve week old Merlin emigrated to the lovely SA on 09 January 2007 all the way from England. He immediatly took over as King of Blamich (as was his royal duty) and struts around very proud of his kingdom. A very proud and self assured dog with only one 'weakness' - his owner - to whom he displays endless love and admiration.
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STERTJIE ( Bettie)

Born 19 Maart 2007
Ifonly all human race could have this personality. Bubbly, energetic and friendly, loving everyday and everything in sight. She loves to tease for the pure pleasure of it and very cleverly play games with man and beast alike.
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Sussie, at 8 months old,  also a new addition to Blamich Border Terriers SUSSIE (Madam Dragonfly)

Born 25 Januarie 2006
The introvert of the pack, shyly begging for love if she needs a bit of a cuddle. If the dogs are romping or hunting however, her shy nature gets left behind very quickly. Then she easily leads ahead of the rest of the gang.
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Baardjie is our main girl at Blamich Border Terriers BAARDJIE (Dragonfly)

Born 03 Augustus 2003
Lovable with a capital C, but don't let that fool you. Baardjie is a very energetic dog and a hunter extraordinar, She has a natural instinc to hunt. As you can see from the photographs in the puppy section - she is one extraordinary mom!
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Our lovable Border Terriers are bred for good temperament, health and conformation.
All our breeding stock is fully KUSA registered. All the puppies have had a series of de-worming, first shots, a thorough physical by our veterinarian, and are guaranteed to leave here in good health!!